Fall is Here

Hello fashionistas, Fall is here, that means it’s time from hoodies, bonfires, pumpkin spiced everything, and so much more. My favorite thing about fall is for sure the leaves, falling down in different beautiful colors. It’s so beautiful with the yellow and brown and red. The color combination just works, not only in nature but […]

Back to Style

Hello fashionistas, This post is all about Back To School, the clothes, the shoes, the accessories… all of course with style! First and for most, denim delicious. This look is all denim. Who says you can’t wear denim on denim? Bring denim back by putting a light denim top on a dark denim skirt, combine […]

Insecta Shoes

Hello Fashionistas, We, the people of fashionathsta, made this video about Insecta Shoes. Click here to watch. Insecta Shoes are eco-friendly vegan shoes. They are one-of-a-kind, affordable and also adorable! Insecta shoes are handcrafted in Brazil, by a wonderful, earth-conscious team. They are made of vintage clothing and natural materials. The insoles are made with extra cushion to ensure lots of comfort and […]